Mohammed Ullyses Fips

by Hugo Gernsback

It was no conincidence that Mohammed Ullyses Fips published his articles for the April 1 editions of Hugo's magazines. A blend of scientific fiction and humorous hucksterism, his articles always seemed real enough to be true and outlandish enough to make the reader wonder why they hadn't heard the story elsewhere.

Teleyeglasses, for instance, are a perfect example. As described in The Collected Works of Mohammed Ullyses Fips (Gernsback Publications 1986), "Anybody that doubts the genius of Hugo Gernsback needs only to read the first few paragraphs of this article to discover the prediction of the microminiature silicon chip... Note too, Fips' attention to the minutest detail. Prisms that work like bifocals to allow you to view your surroundings merely by shifiting your eyes."

Also note the final line in Fips' articles:

April 1

Coming Soon... Teleyeglasses, as published in Radio-Electronics

Silent Sound
Radio Pen